Why Your Startup Should Invest in Video

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular in the business world because almost every entrepreneur is incorporating it into their marketing campaigns. In this case, if you just started your new business or are planning to start one in the future, always remember that videos can help in promoting your brand, product or service. So, how does your business benefit from video marketing?

1. Creates A Sense Of Interaction

A video is a visual content, and it tends to increase engagement with your customers as it can get more people to talk about it as compared to a static image. For instance, if you capitalize on social media platforms and post more videos about your product, services or brand, it is likely a big audience will comment on it or share it with other people.

2. A Video Displays Your Personality

Videos are fun to watch as long as you can prepare a nice and interesting video. Being a start-up business, you can make a video showcasing the team you work with and what they are doing for you. When you are not sure how to make a good video or do not have the necessary equipment to make a quality video, you can work with a video production company such as Seattle video production 1 to make sure that you make a compelling and interesting video.

3. Better Presentation

They say that a picture is worth a thousand word and if this is the case, a video would be worth a million words then. While an image can help to display and expose your products to customers, a video will display them in a 3D realm which is way better. For instance, if you have invented a new beauty product, you can use a video to not only show it off to customers but also explain visually how to use it. This is more convincing than having a static photo of the new product.

Technology is changing a lot of things in today’s digital world, and for you to succeed with your new business, you will have to embrace and apply it in different operations. Video marketing is one of the online marketing techniques that can help you to standout from your competitors.

Fun Ways to Improve Startup Culture


Starting up a business is often an exciting venture for any entrepreneur. When starting up a business, it will be important to organize a culture that is positive and supportive. It will also be important to make a culture that values productivity as well as teamwork. Any business that is looking to improve their startup culture will need to do a few things to ensure that their company will reach its full potential. Companies that are just starting up will benefit by offering incentives, recognizing the accomplishments of employees and also putting together an activity lounge. All of these things will enable a company to establish a very good startup culture.


One of the ways in which a company can improve its startup culture is to get a photo booth rental. This is where a company will get a booth that allows employees and staff to take pictures of themselves or objects such as award plaques. Using a photo booth will help employees and management record photos of achievements and milestones for the business. As a result, a company will be able to regularly keep track of its accomplishments. These can be used at team building events like axe throwing or other off-site events designed to foster teamwork and improve culture.


Another great way to improve startup culture is to offer incentives to employees. This entails giving bonuses, gift cards and raises that will help increase employee morale. With incentives, employees will often be highly motivated and more likely to perform at their very best. With high performing employees who are always motivated, a business startup culture will greatly improve.


When looking to improve the startup culture, it is important to emphasize teamwork. Businesses will benefit by encouraging employees and management to work together to accomplish goals. Teamwork will allow everyone to use their strengths to their advantage and benefit the company on a regular basis. Therefore, any business that is looking to make its culture a desirable one will want to have everyone value collaboration and active participation as a collective group.


Companies that are just starting up and who are looking to improve their culture will also want to provide recognition for employees. By recognizing employees’ accomplishments and contributions, the entire company will have a culture that is positive and encouraging. This will result in everyone more willing to come to work and help themselves and the company achieve its goals on a consistent basis.